Breakfast will be served 7 days a week. A lovely and diverse breakfast with lots of local products. Fresh and seasonal organic fruit from our garden, cheese and meats, selection of bread, yoghurt, muesli, homemade marmelade of figs and other fruits, fresh eggs from our own chicken, boiled or scrambled eggs and everyday a different surprise.

Coffee, tea with fresh mint and other herbs from the garden and fresh fruit juice. A pure and honest breakfast.

Do you prefer to have breakfast by yourself with the family? No problem! We can deliver a breakfast basket to your accomodation.

In the evenings

Join in for the communal dinner we serve three times a week! Meet the other guests while seated at one big table. Raise your glass and say cheers on beautiful holidays, relaxing and feeling free.

We try to work with all organic and local food with respect for nature, animals and the environment.

(costs for dinner not included in price, additional fees apply)

Chicken Piri Piri
Easy if you don't feel like cooking, we'll organise for you a dinner with grilled chicken and potatoes from the oven, served with a fresh salad.

The Churasco
BBQ Portuguese style, from lovely steaks to grilled sea bass, fresh salads and jacked potatoes but everything with a Portuguese twist.

Make your own pizza night
In a twist we make you a fresh made pizza from our stone oven. With homemade dough and sauce and a whole buffet of fresh vegetables, cheese, sliced meat and fish to choose from. Put on your chef-hat and make your own pizza and place it in the stone oven.


On the terrace at the BBQ and Pizza area we have a full fridge with water, softdrinks, homemade lemonade, bottles of local wines and very tasty Portuguese beers. We call this the honesty bar: you just have to note down what you take and pay when you check out.

Fancy a cocktail? Just ask Casper what the options are!

Waterbased ice cream (popsicles) are in the freezer, same principle applies: just note down what you take and enjoy!