Who are we?

We would like to introduce ourselves…

We are Monique Reenders and Casper Vermond

Monique is a physiotherapist and a hand-therapist and has worked the last 10 year in a hospital in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Casper worked in the hospitality branch for about 20 years in his hometown Leiden and the last years as a manager running a beachclub/restaurant in Noordwijk.
The last few years we lived in a beachtown called Noordwijk with our dog Juul and Cat Gijs.

Our family has expanded with our son Joshua, who was born here in Portugal February 2017.
Also we adopted another 2 cats Daisy and Pepper and saved 2 dogs, mother and pup, Mouse and Cooper from the shelter

We both have a passion for the outdoors, being close to nature and travel off the beaten track. We love pure and honest food. Therefor we have our own chicken and vegetable garden. We try to live of our own produce or good local products as much as possible.

In the meantime we also created a small cuddle farm, with 7 pigmy goats, 11 chicken, 2 guinnea-pigs and 3 rabbits. All waiting to be cuddles!


How did we end up here?

A country where we have been a lot together. Casper also for surf trips with his friends. The people, the food, the mentality but mostly the space, calm and quiet life and the stunning and diverse nature are the reasons for us to keep coming back.

Two years ago we decided search our dreamhouse and to live in Portugal.

March 17 2016,
On the road to the next house to view. We drive on a small road passing small sleepy villages and farmland. The last part takes us through the eucalyptic forest. I open the window a bit and the lovely scent enters the car. The road is quiet and after each curve the landscape is getting more and more beautiful. We are both quiet and are thinking the same….what a place to live!

Finally we reach our destination. The house lays on top of the hill and offers a breathtaking view. We look down the valley which shows every shade of green. The sun starts to break through the clouds and before we step out of the car we are already sold!

2 months later we have the keys.

Other residents

Cuddelfarm and pets

We have a small but spacious Cuddle farm. Come and cuddle our pygmee goats, chicken, guinea-pigs and rabbits, collect your own free range eggs from the chicken. Sit back, relax and enjoy the playful nature of our fury friends.

Make friends with the 2 cats Daisy and Pepper, say hi to Juultje the sweetest dog and play with Mouse and Cooper.

Our animals are all very friendly and love the attention and cuddles.

Summer 2022

Summer 2022
Something that Portugal is familiar with and that we were always a little afraid of became a reality in July 2022, our beautiful view of the green mountain went partially up in smoke.
Miraculously, our entire site was spared.

The new view is at first a violence of nature, but another beauty emerges. Suddenly we see the beautiful relief of the mountain, where clear drawings show that intensive agriculture used to take place with dozens of granite walls forming the terraces.
The trees show their autumn colour far in advance which gives a crazy contrast as the ground begins to turn green again. Fortunately, this goes quickly and little of it will be seen next summer.